Sefer Yehoshua-Chapter 23: Yehoshua instructs the Jewish people before his passing

Chapter 23: Yehoshua instructs the Jewish people before his passing


1. Yehoshua summons the leaders of the nation:

  • After many days passed since Hashem gave peace to the Jewish people from their enemies, Yehoshua reached his old age. Yehoshua summoned the elders, judges, leaders and police force of the Jewish people and told them that he is old and is reaching his final days. He then went on to instruct them regarding their future:

2. Yehoshua’s instructions and warnings to the nation:

  • Yehoshua told them that they had witnessed all the miracles that G-d had done for them, and all the nations that He had conquered. “Be very strong and careful to guard the words of the Torah of Moshe. Do not swerve from it to the right or left. Do not allow these gentiles to enter your midst and do not mention the names of their G-d’s, and do not bow to them. You shall attach to Hashem.”
  • Hashem destroyed all the mighty nations from before you, and no man was able to stand up to you in battle. One man of yours will chase a thousand, as G-d is fighting for you. Just guard very much your soul, to love your G-d.
  • If, however, you do not listen to Hashem and you attach to the gentiles, and marry their daughters, and have your daughters marry their sons, then Hashem will not help you in battling these mighty nations, and they will be a thorn and pain in your midst. If you will break the covenant with G-d and bow to their G-d’s, Hashem will destroy you very quickly from this land.
  • I am leaving the world today and know that Hashem has not left any of His promises unfulfilled.

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