Separating flour from the Matzos

Separating part of the flour to be used for the Matzah:[1]

Some of the great Poskim[2] accustomed their generations to separate part of the flour designated for the Matzah and to cook it and eat it before Pesach. [However] it is best[3] to give it to paupers.

The reason for this is: By doing so, one has kashered the flour from a suspicion that perhaps it had some Chametz flour mixed in it, as now even if it did have, we can [Halachically] assume that it was all included in the flour eaten prior to Pesach.

An obligation or stringency? Nevertheless this custom is a mere stringency, as from the letter of the law we do not assume that Kosher foods [non-Chametz flour] has a mixture of non-kosher [Chametz flour].


[1] 429/19



[2] Mahrshal



[3] lit. Tov


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