Serving Hashem in accordance to one’s level

Must serve Hashem according to one’s own level:[1]
Hashem created every person with unique qualities and capabilities, both in physical and spiritual matters of service of G-d. One is intended to serve Hashem in accordance to one’s own nature. One who “grabs” the service of his friend, which is beyond his level, ends up not having either his friends or his own service.

Truth bends-Hashem demands service of G-d in different ways from different people:[2]
Truth is something everlasting and not temporary or passing. When something only lasts a moment it is a sign that it is not truth. Nevertheless, truth exists on many different levels. What is truth for one person is not truth for another who is on a higher level. For example, having a passing feeling of love of G-d for a Beinoni is considered truth, while for a Tzadik is considered a lie. [The same applies in each person’s Avodas Hasehm, that he must serve Hashem according to his level and G-d given capabilities, and when he does so, that is considered truth for him. In simple words: The form of Avodas Hashem demanded of each Jew conforms to his soul root and personality type, and what is a low level for one Jew is a maximized level for another.]


[1] Tanya chapter 13

[2] Keser Shem Tov 4

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