Setting the table before Rosh Hashanah

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Setting up the table before Yom Tov:[1]

The mother of the home is to change her clothing to Yom Tov clothing and light the candles as is done on every other Yom Tov. She is to arrange that the table is set with a nice tablecloth, ready for her husband’s return from Shul. Nevertheless if one came home and saw that the table was not yet set up, he is not to make a quarrel with his wife over this and get angry, as anger is a very bad omen. Rather he is to judge her favorably and not hold any resentment even in his heart.


[1] Ben Ish Chaiy Netzavim 6; Kaf Hachaim 583/1; See Kaf Hachaim 262/21 for a dispute in Kabala regarding whether the husband or wife is to set the table. See “The Laws and Customs of Erev Shabbos” chapter 1 Halacha 13!

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