Shemira for a Yoledes

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Shemira for a Yoledes:[1]

A Yoledes needs to be guarded from Mazikin [and hence is not to be left alone or go outside alone in the marketplace[2]]. [This especially applies after having a boy.[3] It suffices to have a neighbor come and check on the mother in her home every now and then in order to negate this danger.[4] Some write that even a child can suffice as a Shomer, if the child has reached the age of Torah education.[5] Two women after birth can serve as a Shomrim for each other. However, a gentile nurse is not valid for Shemira.[6]]

For how long: Some Poskim[7] rule that she requires guarding for a full 30 days after birth. Other Poskim[8] rule that she only requires guarding for seven days after birth.

Answering Kedusha for Minyan:[9] Some write that if the woman goes to a Shul to answer Amen and Kedusha, or has a Minyan take place in her home in which she will answer to the above, then it helps alleviate the need for Shemira from that time and on.


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