Shmuel 2-Chapter 22: The song of Dovid

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Chapter 22: The song of Dovid

1. The song of Dovid:

  • Dovid recited the following song of praise to G-d on the day that he was saved from all of his enemies, and from the hands of Shaul [who was his greatest threat[1]]: [The song was sang by Dovid in his old age when he already passed all of his threats and suffering and was saved from all of them.[2]]
  • G-d is my rock and my Savior and helps me and the Jewish people survive the various wars. I shall seek refuge in the G-d of my rock. He is my protector and the one who brings me salvation, who allows me to run to him in my time of need. When I called to G-d and praise Him, He saves me from all my enemies. I have been surrounded by the stones of death and with rivers of enemy soldiers. My pain and suffering have preceded me, and assassins came out to annihilate me. In my suffering I called out to G-d, and He heard my voice from his chambers. The world trembled and shook in both heaven and earth due to His wrath. Smoke went up his nostrils and fire came out of his mouth, coals burnt from Him. He turned the heavens to take revenge against his foes and placed a fog under his legs. He rode on an angel and flew with wings using the wind. He placed darkness around the enemies and threw coals of fire at them. He threw stones at them from the heavens and made His voice known. He threw arrows at them and caused them to disperse and made lightning which shocked them. The sea split till the ground due to the scream of G-d. He sends his messages from up high and saves me from the great waters. He saves me from my enemies and from those who hate me, as they are much stronger than me. They tried to take advantage of my weakness, but G-d saved me. G-d repaid me for my righteousness when I held my hand back [from harming Shaul[3]]. I have guarded G-d’s ways and have not done evil to my G-d. All of his statutes are before me, and I have not swerved from His laws. I have been faithful to Him and have guarded myself from sin, and G-d has repaid me for my righteousness, as is befitting in His eyes. G-d performs kindness with those who do kindness, and is faithful to those who are faithful back, and is clean with those who are clean to Him. However, one who ignores Him is likewise dealt with accordingly. He saves destitute nations and makes low those who are arrogant and haughty. You G-d are my candle, and You will shine my darkness. For you my G-d I will run a mile and skip like an ox [to kill the enemies in battle and conquer their cities[4]]. G-d is pure in His way, His words are clear, and He gives refuge to all those who seek it. Who is like Hashem our G-d, and who is a rock other than our G-d? G-d is the one who gives me strength and guides me in my way, straightening my feet like rams, and standing me on structures. He teaches my hands how to fight in battle and gives me strength in my arms to shoot arrows. He has given me His shield of salvation, and His humility has allowed me to multiply. He has widened my steps under me in order so I do not fall when I walk. I chase after my enemies and annihilate them and do not return until they are destroyed. I completely destroy them to the point that they stand under my feet. Please give me strength to fight the wars and subjugate my enemies under me. Let my enemies turn their backs to me and I shall chase them and destroy them. The enemies turn to the kings of the earth, but they do not save them, and then they turn to G-d, but they are no longer answered. I will grind them like the earth of the ground, and like mud I will scatter them. Save me from the enemies that derive from my own nation and ensure that I become the head of my nation, and that nations that don’t know me will serve me. The Gentiles will be fearful of me when they are in my presence and even when they are at a distance. The Gentiles will wither out. G-d is my life and my rock who is my Savior, and may he be elevated. G-d allows me to take revenge and to subjugate nations under me. G-d removes me from my enemies and elevates me from those who come against me and saves me from them. Therefore, I will praise to you oh G-d from amongst the nations and I will sing to Your name. G-d strengthens the salvations of his king and does kindness with his anointed one, to Dovid and to his descendants forever.


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