Shmuel 2-Chapter 7: The prophecy of Nathan regarding building the temple

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Chapter 7: The prophecy of Nathan regarding building the temple

1. Dovid lives in peace from his enemies:

  • The king settled in his palace and G-d had left him in peace from all of his enemies.

2. Dovid discusses building a temple with Nathan the prophet:

  • The king said to Nathan the prophet, “Please look and see that I am dwelling in a cedar wood home while the Ark of G-d is sitting inside a tent [which is unbefitting of the ark].” Nathan replied to the king and said to him, “Do whichever your heart desires as G-d is with you.”

3. G-d appears to Nathan and tells him to have Dovid build the temple and promises him that his kingdom will endure forever:

  • And it was on that night that the word of G-d was revealed to Nathan. G-d said to him, “Go tell my servant Dovid that so says G-d, that you shall build Me a house for Me to dwell in, as I have not dwelled in a home from the day that I took the Jewish people out of Egypt until this very day, as I have been traveling in a tent and in the tabernacle. Throughout my journeys with all the Jewish people I have not confronted to the leader of Israel whom I instructed to lead the Jewish people, as to why they have not built Me a home [as I understood that due to the wars this matter was impossible to accomplish[1]]. Now, go tell my servant Dovid that so says Hashem Tzevaos, I have taken you out from the farm of the sheep and appointed you a leader over my nation Israel and I will be with you in all that you do, and I will wipe out your enemies from before you, and will make you a great name like the great leaders on earth. I will establish a place for my people Israel and plant them and have them dwell in peace without any more wrath and their enemies will not oppress them anymore as they did originally. From the day that I appointed judges over My nation Israel [the people did not live in peace but] now I have left you from all your enemies. G-d has told you that G-d will make you a house [for your monarchy to dwell and be established[2]]. You will fill your days and dwell with your father, and I will establish your descendants after you who come out of your loins and I will prepare their monarchy. He will build a house for My name and will establish his kingship forever. I will be for him a father and he will be for Me a son. However, when he sins before Me, I will chastise him with the rod and different blemishes of man. My kindness will not leave him as it had left Shaul which I had removed from before you. Your Kingship and monarchy will endure forever before you and your throne will be established forever.
  • Nathan the prophet related all the above words of prophecy to Dovid.

4. Dovid responds to Hashem in humility and supplication of prayer and praise:

  • King Dovid arrived and sat in front of G-d [i.e. in front of the ark[3]] and he said, “Oh G-d my master, who am I and who is my household that you have brought me into this point? That I become so humble in Your eyes my master that You have also spoken of the household of your servant from a distance [to already appoint my son after me to rule[4]]. Is this indeed the way that you G-d act with man [to already show him the future[5]]? What more can Dovid continue to ask for, as you have known your servant my master oh G-d [and have provided me with all my needs[6]]. You performed all this greatness for the sake of fulfilling Your word and desire, to inform your servant. Therefore, You have become great oh G-d, as there is none like You, and there is no G-d other than You with all that we have heard with our ears. Who is like your nation Israel which is a unique nation on earth of which G-d has gone to redeem for Him as a nation and to make for Him a name and make for you the greatness and wonders for your land to the nation that You redeemed for yourself from the nation of Egypt and its G-d’s. Now, please establish for You the nation of Israel as a nation forever, and You G-d will be for them a G-d. Now oh G-d, the matter that You spoke with your servant and about his household, please establish forever and do as You said. And Your name will be great forever to say that Hashem Tzevaos is the G-d of Israel and the house of Dovid your servant will be prepared before You. As You the G-d of the legions, the G-d of Israel, revealed the ears of your servant saying that you will build for him a house and therefore your servant found favor in his heart to pray to You this prayer. Now my master G-d, you are G-d, and your words are truth, and You are the one who spoke to Your servant of this good. And, now that You have blessed the house of Your servant to be before You forever, as you my master oh G-d have spoken and from Your blessing will be blessed the house of your servant forever.”


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