Shulchan Aruch Michaber & Rama-Summary: Chapter 48: Parshas Hatamid, Musaf, Shuckling

Chapter 48: Parshas Hatamid, Musaf, Shuckling

Halacha 1: Tamid, Musaf, Maaracha

  • Parshas Hatamid: [Each day] Parshas Hatamid is to be recited.
  • Seder Maaracha: Some also recite the Seder Maaracha, and Ribon Haolamim.
  • Minyan versus alone: If it is not possible to recite all of the above together with a Minyan, then one may recite it at home, and repeat the Parshas Hatamid again with the Minyan and have in mind that one is merely reading from the Torah.
  • Mentioning the Musaf of that day: On Shabbos, after reciting the Tamid one is to add the verses of the Shabbos Mussaf offering, however not of Rosh Chodesh and Yom Tov, which will in any event be read from the Torah.
    • Some say that the Musaf of Rosh Chodesh is to also be recited, and so is the custom in order to publicize that the day is Rosh Chodesh.
  • “Shuckeling” while learning and Davening: Meticulous Jews are accustomed to sway when they study Torah, and Daven.

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