Smelling Chametz on Pesach

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Smelling baking Chametz:[1]

From the 6th hour and onwards, it is forbidden to smell [for pleasure] the Chametz of a gentile that is baking. [Thus, one may not smell the Chametz of a gentile bakery. See Q&A!]

Cooking water in a Chametz pot for non-drinking purposes:[2] It is permitted on Pesach to occasionally cook water in a Chametz pot for the sake of using the water for laundry, or bathing, and the like of non-drinking purposes. This however may not be done on a steady basis, unless the pot is not designated to be used for cooking food. If the pot is used for food, it is to be hidden away with all the other Chametz vessels and only used on occasion.

Doing business with Chametz on Pesach: See Halacha 11!

Feeding a gentile employee Chametz on Pesach: See Halacha 12!



Does one have to move away during Pesach if he lives near a gentile bakery and will inevitably smell the Chametz?[3]

No. However, he may not intend to receive pleasure from the smell

May one pass by a bakery even though he will inevitably smell the Chametz?[4]

One may do so, so long as he has no intention to smell the Chametz. However, if there is an alternative route available, it is best for one to use it and circumvent the bakery.

May one barbecue hotdogs or marshmallows over the flame used to burn the Chametz?

The custom is not to do so even when burning the Chametz prior to the 6th hour on Erev Pesach.



[1] Admur 443:3 in parentheses; Biur Halacha 443 “Afilu”; See Shach Y.D. 108:27

Other opinions: Some Poskim rule it is always permitted to smell forbidden foods that are not designated for smelling even if they are forbidden in benefit. [Rashba; Beis Yosef; Mordechai brought in Shach 108:27; See Rama 155:3 “It goes without saying that one may spray Yayin Nesech on fire [for the sake of smelling it] even if one is healthy, as a smell is meaningless”]

[2] Admur 450:13

[3] Glosses of Maharsham 447:8; Piskeiy Teshuvos 443:2

[4] See Maharsham ibid and Piskeiy Teshuvos ibid

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