Space between Batim

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Question: [Sunday’s, 16th Iyar 5780]

I noticed that there is space between the Batim of my Tefillin Shel Rosh [between the first and second Bayis of the Shel Rosh]. When I look in my mirror I see space/light in between these Batim. Are they Passul?



Ideally, not only are they not Passul, but some are even meticulous to do so to make sure that there be an evident space between the compartments. According to all, the four compartments are to be visible to one looking at the Tefillin from the outside. However, all the above is on condition that the squareness of the Shel Rosh has not been altered due to the space between the Batim. If you think that it has lost its squareness, then contact a Sofer for it to be checked out and repaired. See our newest Tefillin Sefer Chapter 9 Halacha 3 and 6 for the full details of this matter.

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