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Should one stand while reciting the morning blessings?

Some Poskim [1] rule one is to say all the morning blessings in a standing position and so is the custom amongst Ashkenazi Jewry. However Sephardic Jewry is accustomed to sit while reciting the blessings in order to increase concentration.[2]

[1] Siddur Yaavetz

From a Halachic standpoint it seems that one only has to stand when saying those blessings which involve commands, such as when saying the blessing over washing hands and over Torah learning. [See Admur 8/3] However the Yaavetz ibid writes that all blessings of praise of Hashem are to be said standing. This is especially understood from the fact that the 18 blessings of Birchas Hashachar correspond to the 18 blessings of Shemoneh Esrei as explained in Shaar Hakolel 1/6-11.

[2] Kaf Hachaim [Falagi] 9/7; Yechaveh Daas 5/4

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