Story Alter Rebbe and Maggid and his glass Kiddush cup

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Story Alter Rebbe and Maggid and his glass Kiddush cup: [Shemuos Usippurim Vol. 3 p. 165]

This story was related by Chassidim in name of the Tzemach tzedek: It was customary of the students of the Great and Holy Maggid to remain by him for the Pesach Seder, and so was followed by the Alter Rebbe in one of his early years by the Maggid. The arrangement with the students was that they provide the utensils for the meal, while the Maggid provides the wine and Matzah. In his younger days, the Alter Rebbe was very poor and could not afford to even purchase a new Kiddush cup for the Seder night. He was in a dilemma; he either had to go begging for money, or be lenient to Kasher the glass cup through Miluiy Veiruiy. After a long inner debate, he concluded to Kasher the vessel and not throw himself until the public. When the night of the Seder arrived, all the students sat around the table with their cups prepared with wine to begin Kadesh. When the Maggid lifted his cup to begin the Kiddush he suddenly exclaimed “I smell Chametz.” He instructed his student, Rav Menachem Mendel of Vitebsk to search around the table to see the source of the Chametz smell. The student circled the table three times and came up empty handed. When the Maggid saw that the smell was yet to be uncovered, he exclaimed “What can I do, the Rama is standing opposite me with a very angry expression and will not allow me to make Kiddush.” When the Alter Rebbe heard this he immediately understood that he, and his Kashered glass cup, were the source of the commotion, as the Rama rules that glass cannot be Kashered. The Alter Rebbe proceeded to confess to the Maggid, explaining to him his predicament that led to the Kashering. In return, the Maggid got up and kissed the Alter Rebbe on his head, saying “You power is very great as you were able to bring the Rama to come down.” The Maggid then instructed the Alter Rebbe that he will drink the four cups of wine from his personal cup.

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