Subscription Levels and Features

Subscription Levels and Features

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Dear viewer of,

We hope that we find you all healthy and well.

The Torah articles on our site are provided to you free of charge. Just like Hashem taught us Torah for free so too we teach others for free. Nonetheless, maintaining our website and creating new article content is a high expense and we have thus innovated a subscription option that will give members extra features and help maintain the costs of our work. It is permitted to use Maaser money towards your subscription, as the goal of payments given is to help maintain this Torah institution and spread the word of Halacha to the masses in ways allowed by new technological advances, hence hailing the time when the Knowledge of Hashem will fill the earth like the water fills the sea.

We are excited to announce a project that we’ve been working on for some time now, and that is a major update to our membership and subscription benefits. Our dear members and monthly subscribers, make up a core element of the monetary support needed for us to produce all of our work, which includes maintaining our Website, generating our Daily Halacha email and WhatsApp, and the publishing of our various Sefarim. Your monthly contributions are vital for sustaining the costs of our work and we and all of our readers share our sincere gratitude for your partnership with us. 

Thus, we would like to give back to you some additional benefits for your subscription. The following is our updated subscription chart with all the various degrees of subscription levels and their corresponding benefits. Below we will expand on some of these benefits and explain how you can access them.

1.      How to subscribe:

  • You can subscribe either through paypal or stripe. [Stripe is the ideal option if you do not wish to use PayPal for your subscription and would rather process it straight from your credit card. This payment method is also the preferred method for us as it contains less transaction fees and PayPal.]

2.      PDF downloads:

  • Our online articles on contain a special PDF download option available to all site members and subscribers who are logged in. This allows you to be able to publish, and save or print, a PDF style format of the article for easier reading and for you to keep for your record.
  • This feature is only available if you are logged into the website using your username and password. You will receive a username and password after your subscription. If you have lost your username or password, or never received one to begin with, then please contact us to receive it.
  • Also, to note, the PDF feature is not available in all articles and it depends on its length. Due to technical limitations, the PDF feature cannot publish into a PDF, articles that have very long HTML pages and thus the above feature is limited only to the short articles which is the bulk of the articles on the website.

3.      10% off all purchases:

  • All members and subscribers can receive a 10% discount on all their book purchases done through our website through entering the discount code in the shopping cart towards the end of the purchase.
  • You will receive the code in your confirmation email after your subscription.
  • Please save this code for all your future purchases. In case you forget it, you can always request it from us.


4.      Access all our audio Shiurim:

  • Our exciting new feature which is now available for all members is access to our database of recorded Shiurim, which includes over 1,500 recorded classes. While many of the classes are already publicly available for free on our various outlets, such as our website, YouTube, Vimeo, and Podbean, there are many classes which have never been published and are available in our personal database which we are now extending access to all members. In addition, the classes are all organized under their specific topic and hence you will have a much easier time accessing them and searching for a specific Shiur. Likewise, you are able to download the entire library and listen to it at your leisure without Internet connection. These are benefits not available to the public through our already established outlets.
  • The classes consist of all our previous Daily Halacha audios that have featured on the Daily Halacha email and Whatsapp for the past seven years, organized according to topic. They likewise include recordings of public classes that have been given over the years on various subjects, such as the weekly Parsha, Farbrengens, and other events. In addition, our entire Hebrew collection of classes on the laws of Shabbos is likewise available for those who are Hebrew friendly. There are also recordings for various courses that we have taught, such as the Shabbos kitchen, and Meat and Milk for women, and various Semicha courses that are likewise available.
  • We will give you access to your email to the folder after your subscription is processed.
  • If you choose to download the classes, or the entire folder, which you may, it is strictly for your own personal use and may not be shared with others. If others would like to benefit from it then they should either look for our free public options on the various outlets mentioned above, or become a member just like you.
  • Subscribers must commit to remain a member for a full year to merit this benefit.

5.      Free copy of our publications:

  • All members and subscribers from gold level and above are sent a free copy of all new titles that are published in their year of membership.
  • If you change your address, please update us right away and especially after a new publication is advertised so that we can send it to the correct address.

6.      Access database of our sources:

  • All members and subscribers from platinum level and above will be given access to a special OneDrive folder that will hold a database of source sheets for various topics and Halachos.
  • This new feature is without doubt one of our most prized and most beneficial for all those who are interested in further researching a given law or subject, without taking the time in searching for all the original sources. In this feature we give applicable members access to files which contain both full articles on various subjects, as well as original photocopies of many of the sources used to write the article.
  • Mainly, this feature will include the photocopied sources behind the articles that feature in the daily Halacha. The source sheets will be archived in the relevant folder of their topic. Additional source sheets will also feature in this database, and with time this will become a very large database of source sheets with a photocopy of original sources.
  • This feature is perfect for Rabbis, teachers, Magidei Shiurim, etc, for them to be able to prepare a class using the original sources, and even make photocopies to distribute to the participants.
  • See here for a demo of what the source sheets in this database will look like.

7.      Request source sheets:

  • Members and subscribers from sapphire level and above will be able to request a limited amount of source sheets per month on topics that are not found in our database. For example, if a subscriber of sapphire level and above desires to do research on a certain topic, or give a class on a certain subject, and it is not already available in the above-mentioned database, then he may send us a request for sources on the subject, and based on availability in our private personal database, we will arrange it to be sent to the person requesting it.
  • Providing source sheets for topics requested is dependent on current availability in our private database and the amount of time required to research the subject. We also reserve the right to reject providing sources on a certain subject based on our discretion. To note, that we already have over 25,000 source sheets in our private database on myriads of subjects that simply require restructuring to be made available upon request.
  • The number of requests per month is limited to four monthly requests for a sapphire member and eight monthly requests for a diamond member.

8.      Access courses:

  • Members and subscribers from diamond level and above will be able to request free enrollment in one of our available courses.
  • To see all of our available courses please visit the following link
  • Members are limited to one course per year and must finish their previous course prior to choosing another course the next year



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