Sukkah dwelling as Segula for Shalom Bayis


In the past I heard that if a person is careful to fulfill the mitzvah of dwelling in the Sukkah then this is a Segula for Shalom Bayis. Is this accurate?



Yes, there is a source for this statement in the Yifei Laleiv who writes as follows: “Whoever is careful to fulfill the mitzvah of sukkah and to make it properly is guaranteed that he will not have fights within his home throughout that entire year.” [To note, however that we also find to the contrary that one may nullify the mitzvah of sleeping in a sukkah for the sake of Shalom Bayis, so he sleep together with his wife in the same room, as rejoicing one’s wife during the holiday is a mitzvah and one who is involved in one mitzvah is exempt from another mitzvah.]

Sources: See Yifei Laleiv 5 629:3; Kaf Hachaim 625:10; See regarding the allowance to sleep at home with his wife in order to rejoice her: Admur 639:9; Rama 639:2; Taz 639:9; M”A 639:8; Shlah

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