General overview of Mourning customs

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Upon the arrival of sunset, it is forbidden to eat, drink, wear leather shoes, wash one’s body, anoint oneself, have marital relations, and learn sections of Torah not relevant to the mourning period.[1] As well, the custom is not to greet another person, take walks in public areas, work, or sit on benches or chairs, just like a mourner.[2]


General overview

On Tisha B’av, there are restrictions that apply throughout the day, and restrictions that only apply until Chatzos, midday. The following is a list of these customs.


Mourning customs accustomed throughout entire day of Tisha B’av:

  1. Fasting
  2. No Bathing
  3. No Anointing
  4. No Leather shoes
  5. No Marital relations
  6. No Learning Torah [with exception to set studies which may be learned past midday].
  7. No Greeting others
  8. No Smoking [unless one is very addicted].


Mourning customs which apply only until midday:

  1. No work.
  2. No smoking [even if one is very addicted].
  3. No learning the forbidden subjects of Torah.
  4. No sitting on a bench or chair.


[1] Rama 553:2; 552:1

[2] Michaber:Rama Chapters 554; 559

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