Synopsis of the topics under discussion in the laws of Basar Bechalav

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Synopsis of the topics under discussion:

The laws of Basar Bechalav are found in Shulchan Aruch Yoreh Deah between chapters 87 and 97 and contain several topics.

  1. The forms of meat and milk that are defined to be under the prohibition. [Chapter 87]
  2. The details of the cooking prohibition. [Chapter 87]
  3. The prohibition to benefit from the forbidden mixtures. [Chapter 87]
  4. Eating meat and milk on the same table. [Chapter 88]
  5. Eating milk after meat or meat after milk [Chapter 89]
  6. Having separate utensils and appliances for meat and milk. [Scattered amongst various chapters]
  7. Taaruvos/Mixtures of Basar Bechalav:
    1. Cold mixtures. [Chapter 91]
    2. Hot mixtures. [Chapter 92-94]
  8. Pareve:
    1. The law of Pareve that was cooked in a meat or dairy vessel.
    2. The law of Charif


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