Taking apart the Sukkah during Sukkos-Portable Sukkos

15. Taking apart the Sukkah:

A. Taking apart a Sukkah during Chol Hamoed:[1]

One may not take apart his Sukkah [during Chol Hamoed, even] on the seventh day.[2] [Some Poskim[3] rule that this applies even if one no longer needs to use the Sukkah, such as if he has another Sukkah available.[4] Other Poskim[5] however are lenient in this matter in a time of need. However, if it is not a time of need then it may not be taken apart due to the prohibition of destroying an item during the Moed.[6]]



May one take apart his Sukkah during Chol Hamoed if he plans to rebuild it elsewhere?

Some Poskim[7] rule it is forbidden to take apart a Sukkah during Chol Hamoed even if one desires to erect it in a different area as by doing so one is nullifying its holiness. Other Poskim[8] rule it is permitted if one plans to rebuild the Sukkah in another area.

May one take apart a portable fold up Sukkah?[9]

If the Sukkah is erected for the first time on during Chol Hamoed with a stipulation to allow one to benefit from the Sukkah whenever one wishes [as explained in the previous Halacha’s] then some Poskim rule that it is permitted to take it down on Chol Hamoed as one wishes, even according to the stringent opinion mentioned in the previous Q&A. If, however, it was erected before Sukkos, then it is subject to the above debate. Thus, it is best to erect a portable Sukkah on Chol Hamoed [as opposed to before Yom Tov] in order to avoid the debate and be permitted to undo the Sukkah according to ones needs. [However, according to Admur who seemingly invalidates a stipulation on the Sechach even when erected during Chol Hamoed, there would seemingly be no advantage of erecting it during Chol Hamoed and it will still be subject to the above debate.[10]]

B. What is one to do with the Sukkah after Sukkos?[11]

After Sukkos one is not required to bury the wood used for Sechach and it may be used and benefited from as one sees fit. Nevertheless, it is proper to beware not to use it for a belittling use as this is disrespectful to the Mitzvah. It goes without saying that one may not trample on the Sechach in order not to do a belittling act with it. See Chapter ?? Halacha ?? for the full details of this matter!


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[4] The reason: This is forbidden due to it being a belittlement of the Sukkah, as is the ruling regarding Tzitzis, that one may not remove Kosher Tzitzis from a Tallis, as one may not nullify a Mitzvah. [ibid] Alternatively, perhaps it is forbidden as it is similar to the prohibition against destroying Kodshim and the Sechach is considered Hekdish. [Avnie Nezer ibid] Vertzrauch Iyun why this reason was omitted from Rashi and Poskim ibid with regards to why one should not undo the Sukkah on the 7th day.

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