Taking one’s Rebbe to court

Taking one’s Rebbe to court:[1]

It is permitted to take one’s father [or mother[2], or Rebbe[3]] to court to file a monetary claim against them. For example, if one’s father damaged one’s item, one may take him to court to force him to pay for the damages. [However, some[4] learn it is a Midas Chassidus not to take one’s father to court, in order not to cause him pain. Other Poskim[5] however omit this act of piety.]



[1] Rama 240:8; Tur 240 in name of Rosh; Teshuvos Hageonim 206; Erechin 23a in story of Rav Huna

[2] See Shut Harif 22

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[4] Sefer Chassidim 584 based on a story he brings, brought in Birkeiy Yosef 240

[5] Omitted in Kneses Hagedola even though he normally records the teachings of Sefer Chassidim, brought in Birkeiy Yosef ibid

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