The birth of Moshe and his upbringing

5. The birth of Moshe, the basket and Basya:

A Levite man took a Levite daughter for a wife and the woman became pregnant and had a son. The mother saw that he was good and so she hid him for three months.

Moshe is placed in the river: After this time expired, his mother placed him in a reed basket, smeared it with clay and tar, and entered him into the reeds of the banks of the Nile river. His sister stood from a distance to see what would happen to him

Batya rescues Moshe: The daughter of Pharaoh [i.e. Basya] was strolling with her maidservants by the river and when she saw the basket, she stretched her hand and took it. She opened it and saw a lad crying and had mercy on him. She exclaimed that the child is from the Jewish people.

Yocheved nurses Moshe: The sister of Moshe [i.e. Miriam] offered Basya to bring a Jewish wet nurse to nurse the boy. After her acceptance, she summoned the boy’s mother who nursed her son in exchange for payment from Basya.

Moshe grows up: The child grew up and became adopted by the daughter of Pharaoh as a son. She named him Moshe, as he was drawn from the river.


When was Moshe born?[1]

Moshe was born in the year 2368. He was born on a Wednesday within three hours of daybreak.


The decree ends:[2]

After Moshe was thrown into the river, the astrologers told Pharaoh that the Jewish savior has died and that he could revoke the decree against killing the newborn males. Pharaoh indeed listened to their advice and nullified the decree, and on the contrary began to encourage procreation in order so he have more slaves.

The irony-The savior of the Jewish people is growing up in the royal palace:[3]

From this episode we see the great and mighty control of G-d over the world. Pharaoh went through much lengths to circumvent the prophecy that a Jewish savior would rise from amongst the Jewish people and hence had all male sons thrown in the river. To his great irony, not only did G-d save Moshe, but He arranged for him to be saved by Batya, the daughter of Pharaoh, and have him grow up in the royal palace under his very nose.



Until what age did Moshe remain the palace?[4]

Until age 12.

What happened to Batya?[5]

Batya never died and entered Gan Eden alive.



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