The effects of intimacy on the upper and lower worlds

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4. The effects of intimacy on the upper and lower worlds:

A. What transpires in heaven during marital intimacy that takes place with holiness:

Intimacy below causes unity above:[1] When intimacy is done in a proper and holy manner it arouses the holiness above and the Divine unification in the Sefiros.

Intimacy draws down G-dly energy from Malchus:[2] The act of intimacy draws down G-dly energy and souls from above. This applies even if one does not sanctify himself during intimacy, just as food gives energy even if one eats it without a blessing. All intimacy of masculine and feminine aspects draws down the infinite light of G-d irrelevant as to where it takes place.[3]

B. What transpires below when marital intimacy takes place with holiness:[4]

When intimacy is performed through sanctification and holiness, the Shechina dwells upon the couple’s union [similar to how the Shechina dwelled on the Keruvim[5]].


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