The elevations that occur during prayer and on Shabbos

The elevations that occur during prayer and on Shabbos:[1]

Prayer elevates ones physical involvements and Torah learning: All of one’s physical and material matters of involvement in this world become elevated to G-dliness through prayer. It is for this reason that prayer is referred to as “Teivas Noach” as stated above, as it contains the waters of Noah which are Naicha Derucha, a pleasant spirit, which refers to rest and elevation. It is also similar to Shabbos in this regard. All of one’s weekday prayers during the six days of work contain a ray of the level of Shabbos which allow the items to be elevated. Even one’s Torah learning is elevated through one’s prayer during the week, through the love of God that one feels during prayer.[2]

The prayers of the week are elevated through Shabbos:[3] All of the weekday prayers are elevated on Shabbos, as on Shabbos all of the words are elevated. Throughout the week, we refine the 288 Sparks of Tohu. Throughout the week, the attribute of Malchus descends below into Biyah for the sake of refining these sparks. On Shabbos, the entire world of Biyah becomes elevated hence elevating the above sparks of the weekday work.

The two levels of Shabbos and the eternal Shabbos of the future era: The weekday prayers, however, only contain a ray from the lower-level Shabbos. Likewise, on Shabbos itself when the world of Biyah becomes elevated to Atzilus, this is only the lower level of Shabbos.[4] However, there is a higher level of Shabbos which we will only merit in the future times, in which there will be an eternal elevation of all the worlds, and the world will merit to an eternal Shabbos. On this level, the entire world, including the world of Atzilus, will be elevated to a much higher level, and this elevation will be eternal in a way that the weekdays will no longer necessitate any refinement being that the spirit of impurity will be removed from the world. Thus, in the future even the weekdays this will be on the level of Shabbos as we will no longer need for Atzilus to refine the worlds of Biyah, and hence it will be one long Shabbos.[5]


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