The Gluing prohibition

Gluing things together:[1]

One who attaches papers or skins with glue of the scribes and the like is [doing] an offshoot of the sewing [prohibition] and is liable.



It is forbidden to glue items together on Shabbos.



May one use scotch tape on Shabbos to tape things together?

Doing so is forbidden even when done for temporary use. In addition cutting the piece of tape from the role

contains a fixing prohibition.

May one use a piece of tape to tape a bandage onto ones skin?[2]

One may not do so due to the sewing prohibition.[3]

However if there is no other option of attaching the bandage to the wound then there is an opinion[4] which allows one to tape the bandage to ones skin if both ends of the tape are on ones skin. [Meaning the bandage is in the middle of the tape.]  [However the tape must be cut before Shabbos as will be explained in next question.]

Others[5] however argue on this and hold that even in such a way that the ends of the tape are on ones skin it is still forbidden being that the bandage will permanently remain attached to the tape after removing it. [For Opinion of Admur see footnote.[6] ]


May one place pictures into an album which contains cellophane to keep the picture in place?

No, as this is similar to gluing the picture to the album background, which is forbidden due to the sewing prohibition.


May one use “post it” notes on Shabbos?

No, as this is similar to sewing something temporarily.


May one seal an envelope on Shabbos through wetting the top lining and pressing it down?



May one reattach the tape of the binding of a Sefer which is beginning to peel off?



[1] 340/17

[2] Piskeiy Teshuvos 328/21

[3] As one is sewing the tape onto the bandage. Tzitz Eliezer 8/15-14-6-unless is a time of need, as will be explained; SSH”K 34/25 in all cases even in a time of need.

[4] Tzitz Eliezer 8/15-14-6

[5] SS”K 34/25 and footnote 64 in name of Rav SZ”A

[6] According to Admur [340/17] seemingly it would be forbidden due to sewing even if one were able to remove the bandage from the tape as Admur holds that only when the tape is place unintentionally may it be removed, and here it is placed intentionally. Vetzaruch Iyun.

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