The history of Rabbi Yosef De Larayna: His documented story [Hebrew]

Rabbi Yosef De Larayna was a famous Tzefat Kabbalist in the early 16th century. His life and story are clouded in mystery, and he is known for having tried to forcibly bring along the redemption through the use of G-d’s names and the practice of Kabbalah. The result was not a good one and not only did the redemption not take place, but it actually caused Rabbi Yosef to enter the path of sin. The negative outcome is briefly mentioned in the works of Rabbi Moshe Cordovero and Rabbi Chaim Vital, two of the most famous Tzefas Kabbalists. However, they do not reveal to us what the negative outcome was, and what in the end happened to Rabbi Yosef. This information was later found in an old document that was sitting in a room of a Tzefas synagogue amongst all of its generations worth of Geniza. The story is fascinating and is presented here in its original Hebrew.      

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