The identity

The identity of the Lulav:[1]

The Torah states that one is to take a Kapos Temarim. This refers to a branch that grows on a date palm.



Are branches from the male palm trees that do not grow dates valid?

Yes. It is not necessary for the palm tree to grow dates.


The canary palm:

Some Poskim[2] rule that the canary Lulav is invalid and it is a Bracha Levatala to say a blessing over it. Other Poskim[3] rule it is valid even initially.

How to identify a canary: 1. The spine of the canary palm bends when held. 2. Its leaves grow closer together.

3. It has a very short spine.


[1] 645/3

[2] Igros Moshe 4/123; Sheiris Yisrael 30

[3] Rav SZ”A Aurbach brought in Kashrus Daled Minim ; Yechaveh Daas 1/67

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