The intent of the Yevanim’s battle against the Jewish people

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The Yevanim wanted the Jewish people to write on the horn of ox that we do not have a portion in the G-d of Israel:[1]

Chazal[2] state the Yevanim demanded that the Jews write on the horn of the ox that they do not have a portion amongst the G-d of Israel. This means as follows: The Yevanim were not interested in destroying the Jewish people or harming them, but simply in making them desert their religion “To make them forget your Torah.” The reason for this is because they were jealous of the source from which the Jewish people received their vitality from. The gentiles contain an animal soul from the “face of the ox” of the Divine chariot. They however receive from the “horns and hooves” of the ox and not from his internal aspects. The soul of a Jew however derives from the man that sits on the chariot, and for this reason the Jewish people have ability to draw down the infinite light of G-d. The Yevanim desired that the Jewish people write on the horn of the ox that they have no portion in the above and that they too will receive from the external aspect of the ox.


[1] Torah Or Vayeishev 30a

[2] Bereishis Raba 16 and 44

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