The laws of the liquids used for Mayim Achronim: Juice, wine, hot water, how much

The laws of the liquids used for Mayim Achronim?[1]

What liquids are valid? All liquids are valid for Mayim Achronim, including oil, honey, and milk, with exception to wine.[2] [Nevertheless, initially if water is available one is to use water for Mayim Achronim.[3] However, in a case that water is not available, one may use other liquids, and if even other liquids are not available, one may use wine.[4]]

Water that is invalid for washing for bread:[5] Water that is invalid for washing for bread, such as water that had work done with it, or has changed color, is nevertheless valid for Mayim Achronim.

Hot water:[6] Hot water is invalid for Mayim Achronim.[7] It is disputed amongst the Poskim[8] as to whether the invalidation applies to hot water of any temperature, even less than Yad Soledes, or only to hot water that is Yad Soledes [110 Fahrenheit]. Practically, one may be lenient to use hot water that is less than Yad Soledes.[9]

How much water must one use for Mayim Achronim?[10] There is no minimum amount of water required for Mayim Achronim, unlike other washings such as for bread, in which a Revius is required. [On the contrary, since the water belongs to the side of impurity, one is to use a very minute amount. Thus, if one’s hands are overly dirty, or one also desires to wash his face from the food, he is not to consider the water as Mayim Achronim, and is to wash regularly, eat something and then wash Mayim Achronim with a minute amount of water for the Mitzvah.[11]]



One may use alcohol for Mayim Achronim? 

This follows the same law as other beverages, which are not to be used unless water is not available.


May one use saliva for Mayim Achronim?[12]

Saliva is not valid for Mayim Achronim.



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