The number of negative commands against eating meat and milk

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The number of negative commands:

The number of commands included in the prohibition of meat and milk is debated amongst the Monei Hamitzvos [those who list the 613 commands]. While everyone is in agreement that meat and milk is Biblically prohibited in cooking, eating and benefiting, there is disagreement as to how many Mitzvos these prohibitions are to be counted as amongst the 365 negative commands. Some authorities[1] count the prohibition as a single negative command. Others[2] count it as two negative commands, one against cooking, and one against eating, which includes the prohibition against benefit. Others[3] count it as three negative commands, one each for cooking, eating and benefit. The Shulchan Aruch does not weigh into this matter, and it is unclear as to what the practical ramification would be, if any.


[1] Rasag and Bahag only list the command against cooking

[2] Chinuch Mitzvah 92, negative 55 against cooking and Mitzvah 113, negative 66, against eating; Rambam Sefer Hamitzvos Mitzvah 186 against cooking and Mitzvah 187 against eating; Not listed in Rasag and Bahag as a separate command

[3] Rashbatz in Zohar Rakia

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