The order of the Karban Pesach on Shabbos

The order on Shabbos:[1]

When Erev Pesach falls on Shabbos, the Karban Pesach is nevertheless offered, as it pushes off the Shabbos prohibition. One slaughters the animal, throws the blood, removes the feces and offers the fats on Shabbos. However, any other matters involving the Karban does not push off Shabbos.

Bringing the slaughtered animal home: The slaughtered animal is not brought home on Shabbos. All the three groups remain in different areas of the Har Habayis until after Shabbos, when they then leave and roast their Karban.


[1] Admur in Seder Karban Pesach; See Karban Pesach Kehilchaso 28-30

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