The prayers of Tisha B’av-Part 2


  • Paroches: The Paroches is returned to the Aron prior to Mincha.
  • Charity: Prior to Mincha one is to give Igara Ditaanisa to charity.
  • Tallis and Tefillin: By Mincha, one wears Tallis and Tefillin with a blessing. [One recites all three Parshiyos of Shema while wearing the Tefillin. Those who are accustomed to wear Rabbeinu Tam are to do so as well on Tisha B’av. The Chabad custom is to wear Tefillin of Rabbeinu Tam after Mincha, before sunset.]
  • Shir Shel Yom/Ein Kelokeinu: Shir Shel Yom and Ein Kelokeinu [which were omitted by Shacharis] is said after Shema, prior to Mincha. [One begins from Beis Yaakov, and recites Kaddish Yasom after Shir shel Yom and Kaddish Derabanon after Ein Kelokeinu.]
  • Chitas: After reciting Ein Kelokeinu, one recites the Shiurim of Chitas. [The daily Tehillim is recited, followed by Kaddish Yasom. One does not recite the daily Rambam until Motzei Tisha B’AV.]
  • Karbanos: After the Shiurim of Chitas, one recites Karbanos.
  • The order of Mincha: Ashrei; Half Kaddish; Kerias Hatorah.
  • Torah reading: The Torah portion of Vayichal is read during Mincha. This is followed by the reading of the Haftorah, just as is done on a regular fast day.
  • Yehalelu: After the reading of the Haftorah, Yehalelu is recited and the Torah is returned to the Aron. This is then followed by half Kaddish. [However, there were years that the Rebbe began the Kaddish immediately after the Haftorah, as is normally done by Mincha of Shabbos. However, in most years the Rebbe waited for the Sefer Torah to be returned.]
  • Nacheim and Aneinu: The prayer of Aneinu is added during Mincha Shemoneh Esrei. It is recited within the blessing of Shomeia Tefila, prior to the words “Ki Ata Shomeia.” The blessing of Nacheim is recited during Mincha, in the blessing of Boneh Yerushalayim. If one forgot to say Aneinu or Nacheim he has nevertheless fulfilled his obligation. [If one remembered to say Nacheim after finishing the blessing of Boneh Yerushalayim, then he is to say it in Shema Koleinu, after Aneinu; or prior to Visechezena; or prior to Veal Kulam. In such a case, he is not to conclude with the blessing of “Menachem Tziyon” but is rather to continue with Visechezena until the end of the blessing.]
  • Nesias Kapayim/Elokeinu: In Eretz Yisrael, the Kohanim perform Nesias Kapayim. [The Kohanim are to wash their entire hand.] In the Diaspora, the Chazan recites Elokeinu [Birchas Kohanim] during the Mincha repetition.
  • Tachanun and Avinu Malkeinu: Tachanun and Avinu Malkeinu are omitted on Tisha B’av.
  • Kaddish Shaleim with Tiskabel: After the Chazan’s repetition, the full Kaddish with Tiskabel is recited.
  • Rabbeinu Tam: After Mincha, prior to sunset, one is to wear Tefillin of Rabbeinu Tam and recite the three paragraphs of Shema, Vehaya and Kadeish and the six Zechiros. [If one was wearing Tefillin prior to sunset he does not need to remove the Tefillin when sunset arrives.]


  • All fasts conclude after nightfall. This is defined as the sighting of three medium stars, or when the moon shines very brightly on the earth. [In all cases, one may begin Maariv before the above time, in order to conclude Maariv and be able to eat when the above time arrives. In such a case, one is to make sure to read Kerias Shema again after nightfall.]
  • Washing hands after Maariv: Immediately after Maariv, one is to wash his hands three times as is done in the morning upon awakening. A blessing is not recited during this washing. [This washing is to be done also by the Kohanim who already fully washed their hands prior to Nesias Kapayim.]

Kiddush Levana on Motzei Tisha B’av:

  • One does not recite Kiddush Levana prior to Tisha B’av. It is rather to be recited on Motzei Tisha B’av.
  • Eating and changing clothing before Kiddush Levana on Motzei Tisha B’av: Prior to reciting Kiddush Levana on Motzei Tisha B’av, one is to eat.  One is to also change his shoes. 

Mourning customs applicable on Motzei Tisha B’av-Tenth of Av:

  • See previous Chapter 6 Halacha 19 regarding a regular year. See next chapter Halacha 13 regarding when Tisha B’av falls on Shabbos and was pushed off to Sunday.

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