Checklist of prayers on Tishe Beav

This Halacha is an excerpt from our Sefer

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  1. When Tisha B’av falls on Motzei Shabbos, one recites Baruch Hamavdil after the leave of Shabbos and only afterwards does he remove his shoes and bring the Kinos to Shul.
  2. The Paroches, the covering of the Amud of the Chazan and Bima, is removed prior to Maariv, and is not returned until Mincha.
  3. One is to diminish the light in Shul for the duration of Maariv.
  4. One recites a regular Maariv Shemoneh Esrei [with Atah Chonantanu if Tisha B’av falls on Motzei Shabbos].
  5. After Shemoneh Esrei, Kaddish with Tiskabel is recited.
  6. After Kaddish, Eicha is recited sitting on floor with an interval between oneself and the ground.
  7. When Tisha B’av falls on Motzei Shabbos, Borei Meorei Haeish is recited prior to Eicha. One is to look at his hands as usual.
  8. After Eicha, the paragraph of Veata Kadosh is recited.
  9. After Veata Kadosh, the Chazan recites Kaddish Shaleim without Tiskabel.
  10. Aleinu
  11. One is not to say Shavua Tov after Maariv.
  12. When Tisha B’av falls on Motzei Shabbos, one is to remove his Shabbos clothes after Maariv.



  1. Upon awakening, one performs Netilas Yadayim until the knuckles.
  2. One omits the blessing of Sheasa Li Kol Tzarchi
  3. The Tallis Katan is worn without a blessing. [Some wear it only under their clothing and hence do not show the Tzitzis until midday.]
  4. Tallis and Tefillin are not worn during Shacharis
  5. Karbanos is read as usual prior to Shacharis
  6. One does not kiss or hold the Tzitzis by Baruch Sheamar or Shema
  7. The Chazan says Aneinu in Chazaras Hashatz.
  8. Nesias Kapayim and Elokeinu is omitted from Chazaras Hashatz of Shacharis.
  9. Tachanun is omitted.
  10. After the Chazara, Half Kaddish is recited.
  11. Kerias Hatorah, half Kaddish and then Haftorah
  12. Yehalelu, and return of Sefer Torah to the Aron
  13. Kinos is recited until close to midday. One may not make an interruption during Kinos.
  14. After Kinos, one recites Ashrei and Uva Letziyon without Veani Zos Berisi
  15. Kaddish Shaleim without Tiskabel
  16. Shir Shel Yom and Ein Kelokeinu is omitted by Shacharis and recited in Mincha.
  17. Aleinu



  1. The Paroches is returned to the Aron and Bima.
  2. Igara Detanisa-One is to give the fast “tax” to charity prior to Mincha.
  3. Tallis and Tefillin is worn with its Brachos and one is to follow the following order:
  4. One recites all three Parshiyos of Shema.
  5. Shir Shel Yom [and Kaddish Yasom] and Ein Kelokeinu [and Kaddish Derabanon]
  6. Chitas: One recites the daily Tehillim [followed by Kaddish Yasom], and that days Chumash and Tanya. [This can be studied before the start of Mincha.]
  7. Karbanos
  8. Ashrei
  9. Half Kaddish
  10. Kerias Hatorah for fast day with Haftorah
  11. Yehalelu
  12. Half Kaddish
  13. Nacheim and Aneinu in Shemoneh Esrei
  14. Nesias Kapayim is performed in Eretz Yisrael/Jerusalem. In Diaspora, say Elokeinu.
  15. Kaddish Shaleim with Tiskabel
  16. Wear Rabbeinu Tam before sunset and recite with it Kadeish and the six Zechiros.

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