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The reward: [1]

Whoever is careful in the Mitzvah of Tzitzis merits seeing the face of the Shechina.[2]


Other rewards and Segulos mentioned in Sefarim:

  • Whoever is careful in the Mitzvah of Tzitzis merits [in the future] to have 2,800 slaves.[3]
  • One who is careful in the Mitzvah of Tzitzis merits having a wife and children.[4] [It is a Segula for having children, for the wife to sew her husband a four cornered garment and have him tie Tzitzis to it. This is hinted to in the verse “On the corners of your garments-for generations”.[5]]
  • Tzitzis protects one from evil and damaging spirits.[6]
  • Tzitzis protects one from the evil eye “Ayin Hara”.[7]
  • In merit of the Mitzvah of Tzitzis one merits Techiyas Hameisim.[8]
  • The Mitzvah of Tzitzis is a Segula for avoiding pain in one’s teeth, of which there are 32 in number.[9] 


    Segulos involved in looking at the Tzitzis:


  • Looking at one’s Tzitzis has the ability to extinguish the flames of anger, as we find that the word “Kenaf” is the Gematria of “Kaas”.[10] The Mekubalim teach that when one feels angry he is to lift his Tzitzis until the anger subsides.[11]
  • Looking at the Tzitzis and touching them elevates the Shechina which is found in Galus, and it separates the darkness which resides between us and the Shechina.[12]
  • Looking at the Tzitzis arouses one’s heart in fear of Heaven.[13]
  • Looking at the Tzitzis is a Segula for Parnasa.[14]
  • Looking at the Tzitzis is a Segula to be healed from illness.[15]
  • Looking at the Tzitzis is a Segula for prophecy.[16]
  • Looking at the Tzitzis is a Segula for memory.[17]
  • Looking at the Tzitzis at every moment is a great benefit for the soul, adds holiness to the person, and refrains one from the approach of sin.[18]


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[2] The source: This is learned from a juxtaposition of the verse “Ureisem Oso” and “Elokecha Sira Veoso Tavod”. [Tur 24]. The verse is thus teaching us that by guarding the Mitzvah of Tzitzis one will merit seeing Him, to see Hashem. [Levush 24]

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