The Sefira of Bina


Chochma is sea, Bina is river:[1] The Sefira of Chochma is reffered to as a sea, while the Sefira of Bina is refered to as a river.

Everyone merits to benefit from Bina:[2] Everyone has access to the Sefira of Bina, each on his own level. This is why Bina is called a gate, as in the concept of 50 gates of Bina. Everyone can enter the gate and comprehend a glimmer of G-dliness each on his own level. However, Chochma is only accessible to a mere few, while everyone else has no comprehension.

Fifty gates of Bina:[3] There are fifty levels of Bina, understanding. These fifty gates exist both in Kedusha and in Kelipa. When the Jewish people were in Egypt, they entered into the depths of evil, close to the 50th gate, and Hashem had to remove us from all these gates of evil to bring us to accept the Torah. It is for this reason that the Torah states the concept of Yetzias Mitzrayim 50 times, in order to remove us from the fifty gates of evil.


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