The Slaughtering of The Karban Pesach

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The slaughtering:[1]

Where:[2] The animal is slaughtered in any area of the Azarah.

When: The animal is slaughtered after midday of the 14th of Nissan, and after the slaughtering of the afternoon Tamid sacrifice, and the afternoon cleaning/lighting of the candles. If it was slaughtered prior to the Tamid, it nevertheless remains valid, although one is to halt the sprinkling of the blood of the Pesach until the blood of the Tamid is brought. For this to be accomplished one must mix the blood to prevent it from congealing in the interim.

Treifa:[3] If the animal was found to be a Treifa or a Baal Mum, one is not Yotzei and a new animal must be brought.


[1] Admur in Seder Karban Pesach; Rambam 1:4

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