The surface – On bed versus on the floor

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The surface – On bed versus on the floor:[1]

The intercourse is to take place on a bed and not on the floor or ground. [This applies even if there is a carpet on the floor, or one spreads a sheet there.[2]] One who has intercourse on the floor causes his children to have deformed and outstretched necks.[3] [Some say that it is even damaging to the person himself.[4] This is hinted to in the known phrase of Chazal, “Tashmish Hamita,” which refers specifically to intercourse on a bed.[5]]




May one have intercourse on the floor on top of a mattress, or blankets and pillows?[6]

In a time of need, it is permitted to have relations on a thick mattress that is on the floor. However, one should not have relations on sheets that are on the floor unless one places enough sheets and blankets that he does not feel the floor’s hardness. Some Poskim,[7] however, rule that it should always be specifically done on a bed and not on cushions that are on the floor.



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