The Taanug of fasting experienced on Yom Kippur

The Taanug of fasting experienced on Yom Kippur: (Likkutei Torah)

Yom Kippur is similar to the world to come, which contains neither food nor drink. The reason why we fast on Yom Kippur is because it represents the Olam Hataanug [pleasure]. This is because all of Israel is elevated on this day. On this day, we break the barrier created through sin, and all the intervals that separate between us and Hashem are torn and removed. This is the meaning behind all of our sins being atoned for on Yom Kippur; that the barriers of sin are removed and every Jew is now able to fully unite with G-d. Every Jew can now experience the bliss in an attachment with their Creator without any interference. This great experience of joy and pleasure causes the love to be secondary and nullified in its presence, and it is thus considered to be Reusa Deliba

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