The walking regulations on Shabbos



The walking regulations on Shabbos:[1]

  1. The prohibition:

The verse[2] states “Im Tashiv Mishabbos Raglecha…Vechibadeto Meiasos Derachecha etc/If from walking you will rest and honor Shabbos by not doing weekday activity.” From here the Sages[3] learned that one’s walking on Shabbos should not be like one’s walking during the week. Practically, due to this, various regulations are recorded in Poskim regarding different forms of walking.[4] [Many people are accustomed to a certain form of walking during the week, and if this method is not allowed on Shabbos, one is to train and accustom his body on Shabbos to walk differently, according to the permitted ways.[5] These restrictions apply both outside on the street, and inside one’s home.[6]]

  1. Running:[7] It is forbidden to run on Shabbos. It is certainly forbidden to run for the sake of exercise and health purposes.[8] [This applies even if one runs in small strides.[9]]
  2. Jumping:[10] It is forbidden to jump on Shabbos. This refers to lifting both feet from the ground simultaneously.
  3. Skipping:[11] It is forbidden to skip on Shabbos. This refers to lifting the second leg prior to [fully] putting the first leg down.[12]
  4. Large strides:[13] One may not walk in wide strides of more than an Ama distance [48 cm.] from the head of the toe of one foot to the head of the toe of the second foot[14], if one is able to walk in smaller strides. Furthermore, even during the week one is not to walk in wide strides, as doing so takes way 1/500th of one’s ability of sight.[15]
  5. Walking more than necessary:[16] One is not to walk more than necessary in order to get to a certain location. Hence, if there are two ways to walk, the shorter route should always be chosen. Nonetheless, it is permitted to go for a Shabbos walk [and take a longer route for that purpose].[17]



May one who is walking up/down stairs skip steps on Shabbos?[18]

One who is walking up/down a flight of stairs is not to skip steps on Shabbos, unless one of the exceptions apply.[19]


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