Thinking of G-d’s kindness rather than His wrath

Thinking of G-d’s kindness rather than His wrath:[1]

The verse[2] states that “One who trusts in G-d is surrounded by Chesed.” The intent is to say as follows: One who is constantly conscious of his fear of G-d’s wrath and His ability to give justice and punishment for inquity, attaches himself to Divine judgment, and Chas Veshalom, can cause judgment to be drawn upon him. The reason for this is because a man is where his thoughts are, and hence one’s soul follows one’s thoughts, and if he thingks of G-d’s judgment he attached himself to that attribute of G-d.  However, if he is conscious of G-d’s kindness and focuses his mind on it, then he attaches himself to it and draws kindess upon himself. On this it says that one who trusts in G-d’s kindness, becomes surrounded by it.


[1] Keser Shem Tov 230; Likkutei Yekarim 17

[2] Tehillim 32:10

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