Using diapers with tape or velcro

May one use diapers on Shabbos which are fastened using a piece of tape or Velcro which is attached to the diaper?

Velcro diapers:  May be used in all cases.

Adhesive tape: This matter is disputed amongst Poskim in whether it is allowed. Some are stringent to prohibit using it even if one opened the tape from before Shabbos. Others are lenient even if he forgot to open it from before Shabbos.

Below is a full analysis on the subject:

The following “Sewing” and “Tearing” related questions apply by diapers which are attached using tape:

1) Opening up the tape which involves removing the tape from the plastic covering. 2) Placing the tape onto the diaper when fastening it onto the child. 3) Removing the tape from the fastened diaper upon changing it. The following is the Halachic rulings in the above.

-Removing the protective covering from the tape:  Many Poskim[1] hold that opening the tape is forbidden due to the tearing prohibition[2] and thus may only be done if one had previously opened it before Shabbos. Other Poskim[3] hold that if this was not done then it is allowed to open it on Shabbos[4].

-Attaching the diaper to the child:  Some Poskim[5] hold that placing the tape on the diaper to fasten it is forbidden due to sewing[6]. Many others[7] however rule that this is allowed being that it is not made to last at all.

-Removing the Diaper from the child: Some Poskim[8] hold that removing the tape from the diaper in the process of changing the baby may only be done in private and not in the presence of an ignoramus[9]. Other Poskim[10] rule that one may remove the tape without restriction. According to all one is to avoid re-taping the diaper up after having removed it and then throw it out as is commonly done during the week.


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[2] As it is meant to be attached to the plastic part so long as it is not used. It is thus an attachment that is meant to last some time.

[3] Az Nidbaru 7/34; Yechaveh Daas 6/25

[4] As they hold that if one were to buy the diaper that day then it would be meant to be opened that same day,, and thus the attachment of the tape to the plastic part is not really meant to last.

[5] Minchas Yitzchak 8/31; 9/41; Mishneh Halachos 8/60; Kinyan Torah 5/26; Lehoros Nasan brought in Piskeiy Teshuvos 340 footnote 101

[6] As a) The attachment is at the very least considered temporary which is also forbidden in the laws of sewing. [Minchas Yitzchak ibid]. b) Because the tape never gets removed from the diaper as it tears part of the diaper off with it upon opening the tape, and thus regarding that part which gets removed with the tape it is considered a permanent attachment. [Lehoros Nasan, and so ruled to me Rav Asher Lemel Kohen]

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[9] As rules Rama and Admur in 317 regarding tearing the sewn stitches of the collar done by the laundry mat to keep it temporarily in place.

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