Vinishmartem Meod Lenafshoseichem-The meaning of the verse

The verse of Vinishmartem Meod Lenafshoseichem:

Some Poskim[1] rule that the verse [Devarim 4:15] of Vinishmartem Meod Lenafshoseichem refers to the guarding of one’s life from dangers, and hence one who enters himself to a dangerous situation transgresses this command. However, this verse is omitted from most Poskim [including Admur, the Michaber and Rambam], as a source for the obligation to guard one’s health and only the previous verse of “Hishamer” is recorded. The reason for this because the simple meaning of this verse refers to guarding the Mitzvos, and not to matters of health.[2]


[1] Rashbatz in Zohar Harakia 118; Noda Beyehuda Tinyana Y.D. 10; Kitzur SHU”A 32:1; See Brachos 32b where this verse is mentioned by the demon to a Chassid Echad who was not careful in his safety; See Tosafos Shavuos 36a; Shemiras Hanefesh Kehilchasa Chapter 1:1 footnote 3.

[2] Levush Y.D. 116:1

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