Visiting a cemetery in the month of Nissan

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Some[2] are accustomed not to visit cemeteries throughout the month of Nissan. If one has the Yartzite of a parent, or other close relative, in the month of Nissan, he is to visit the grave on Erev Rosh Chodesh Nissan. Others[3] however are accustomed to visit cemeteries during the month of Nissan, just like any other time of the year, and hence of they have a Yartzite, end of Shiva or Shloshim during Nissan, they visit the grave as usual. Nonetheless, in all cases, one is to avoid crying.

Kivrei Tzaddikim:[4] There is no need to avoid visiting the gravesites of Tzaddikim during the month of Nissan.

May a Matzeiva [tombstone] be established during the month of Nissan?[5]

Some Poskim[6] rule one may not establish a Matzeiva in the month of Nissan. Other Poskim[7] rule it is permitted to do so, so long as eulogies will not take place during the occasion.


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