Walking on grass

Walking on Grass:[1]

It is permitted to walk on grass on Shabbos, even barefoot, despite the fact that doing so may cause certain blades of grass to rip from the ground.[2]



May one walk quickly on blades of grass?

Some Poskim[3] rule it is forbidden to walk quickly over long blades of grass.[4] Others[5] however rule there is no differentiation between long or short blades of grass or whether one is walking slow or fast[6], and rather it is permitted in all cases.


May one walk on stalks which break upon walking over them?[7]

No, as when walking on hard stalks it is inevitable to avoid breaking them.


If blades of grass, thorns and the like became stuck in one’s shoes may one remove it?[8]

It is forbidden to remove the grass or thorns with one’s hands.[9] One may however brush them off using his feet.

[1] 336/8

[2] Such as if they get caught between his toes and get pulled out while walking. This is allowed being that one has no intent to rip out the grass [ibid], and it is not an inevitable occurrence. [so is evident from word “possible” written by Admur, and so writes Ketzos Hashulchan 142/11]

[3] M”B 336/25

[4] As doing so will inevitably cause blades to tear from the ground. [ibid]

[5] Ketzos Hashulchan 142 footnote 13

[6] As in all cases it is not inevitable that one will tear a blade from the ground.

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[8] Mishneh Berurah 336/24; Ketzos Hashulchan 142 footnote 13

[9] As they are Muktzah.

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