Washing hands after a Haircut

A haircut:[1]

[One who cuts his hair is required to wash his hands one[2] time immediately afterwards.[3] This applies even if he only cut a small amount of hair[4], and applies whether the hair was cut with a scissor or razor.[5]] If one does not wash his hands after cutting his hair, he will have inner fear for three days.



Must one wash his hands after cutting someone else’s hair?[6]


Must one wash their hands if another person cut his hair?[8]


Must one wash his hands after cutting facial hair such as the mustache?

According to many Poskim[9] and Kabbalists[10] there contains a severe prohibition to cut or trim the facial hair even with a scissor. Nevertheless many are accustomed to trim the hairs of the mustache that interferes with food.[11] One who trims his mustache is not required to wash his hands afterwards.[12]  

Must one wash his hands after being honored to cut some hair by an Upshernish?

Some[13] write it is not necessary to wash hands afterwards. Others[14] write one is to wash the hands.



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[2] See Halacha 3 in footnotes for the full analysis in this matter.

[3] Ketzos Hashulchan 2/11; This is due to the impure spirit which resides on the hand after a haircut. This applies according to all Poskim. [See Halacha 2 in footnotes] Vetzaruch Iyun why this was not listed in 4/18.

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