Washing hands in river

Washing ones hands in a river:[1]

It is permitted to stand on the bed of the river and wash ones hands in its water. There is no prohibition involved in the removal of the water which is on his hands from the river onto the bed being that the river is a Karmalis and the bed of the river is likewise a Karmalis and it is permitted to remove [items] from one Karmalis to another Karmalis within the distance of four handbreadths. However one must beware to dry his hands well immediately after removing them from the river prior to walking four cubits. [Seemingly doing so is allowed even according to the custom stated above.[2]]


Summary-Washing hands in a river:

Despite the custom to avoid bathing in even cold water it is permitted to wash one’s hands at the bed of a river and dry them prior to walking four cubits.


[1] 301/61

[2] So is implied from Ketzos Hashulchan 133/4

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