Wearing a gartel

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Is a married man to wear a Gartel while reciting the morning blessings?

Many are accustomed to recite the morning blessings without a Gartel, as was the custom of the Rebbe Rashab. [1] However some are accustomed to recite the morning blessings with a Gartel, as was directed by the Rebbe’s father, Reb Levi Yitzchak Schneerson.[2]

[1] Toras Menachem Vol 5 pages 83-85

The Rebbe states there, in the name of the previous Rebbe, that the Rebbe Rashab was not accustomed to wear a Gartel for the morning blessings, and was accustomed to say the blessings looking out a window. The Rebbe explains the reason for this is because a Gartel is meant as a preparation for prayer, and since the morning blessings are to be said immediately upon awakening, we see that one does not need any preparation before saying them, other than washing hands. This is similar to that a Jews Modeh Ani also does not require preparation. This shows how even when a Jew is still in an unprepared state he still has the ability to bless G-d. The Rebbe then says that this was publicized by the Rebbe Rashab in order so every Jew learn from it that he has the ability to break the barriers and attach to G-d even if he is found in a low state. This is also the inner meaning behind saying the blessings looking out a window, as looking represents a certain level of attachment to G-d, as explained in the teachings of Chassidus.

[2] Igeres Hakodesh of Reb Levi Yitzchak, page 207; In this letter the Rebbe’s father writes to the Rebbe that he should wear a Gartel also when saying the morning blessings.

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