Wearing new clothing

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Wearing new clothing:[1]

It is forbidden to wear new clothing, whether white or colored, whether of wool or linen, during the nine days. This prohibition applies even on Shabbos.[2] This prohibition applies even against wearing new shoes[3] [and non-important garments, such as undergarments, socks, undershirts and underwear[4]]. [From Rosh Chodesh Av until the week of Tisha B’av this matter is forbidden due to a stringency, while during the week of Tisha B’av it is forbidden from the letter of the law.[5]]



May one wear new clothing on Shabbos which falls during the nine days?[6]

Some Poskim[7] rule it is forbidden to wear new clothing on Shabbos, [even if one is accustomed to wear Shabbos clothing on Shabbos[8]]. It is even forbidden to wear new shoes and socks.[9] Other Poskim[10] however rule that those who wear Shabbos clothing are also permitted to wear new clothing for Shabbos [if he does not have other clean Shabbos clothing available[11]] so long as the clothing is not of importance to require Shehechiyanu. If, however, the clothing is expensive and important, and requires Shehechiyanu, then it may not be worn on Shabbos.[12]

A Chasan: A Chasan who is accustomed to wear a Shtreimal on the Shabbos prior to his wedding, may do so on Shabbos Chazon.[13] However, whether he may wear other new clothing is subject to the same dispute as that mentioned above, of which even according to the lenient opinion, one may only wear new unimportant clothing. Some Poskim[14] however defend the practice of Chasanim wearing all new clothing on Shabbos Chazon.


May a Bar Mitzvah Bochur wear new clothing on his Bar Mitzvah?

He may not wear new clothing on the day of his Bar Mitzvah.[15] However, some Poskim[16] rule that he may wear the new clothing on the Shabbos before he becomes Bar Mitzvah, even if it is Shabbos Chazon, and he is then permitted to wear it on his Bar Mitzvah, even during the nine days.


For how long is a clothing defined as new?[17]

Once a clothing has been worn even one time, it is no longer defined as new and may be worn during the nine days.


May one buy and wear a new Tallis during the nine days?[18]              

It is permitted to buy a Tallis Katan up until the nine days.[19] One however may not purchase a Tallis Gadol throughout the three weeks. If, however, one’s current Tallis Gadol/Katan is Pasul, and he does not have another one available, and is unable to borrow one in its place, he may purchase and wear a new Tallis Katan/Gadol.[20]


May wear new non-leather shoes on Tisha B’av?[21]

Yes.[22] If, however, one has other non-leather shoes available, it is best not to wear new ones. Likewise, if the shoes were purchased prior to the nine days, one is to wear the shoes for the first time, prior to the nine days.


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