Wearing Shabbos clothing

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Wearing Shabbos clothing on Shabbos and by a Bris:

Some Poskim[1] rule it is forbidden to wear Shabbos clothing on Shabbos Chazon, with exception to wearing a Kesones [Shabbos undershirt[2]] which is allowed, [and so was the old custom of Ashkenaz]. Other Poskim[3] however rule that on Shabbos of the nine days, including Shabbos Chazon, one is to wear his regular Shabbos clothing [and so is the Sephardic custom]. [Practically, the widespread custom today amongst all Jewry [Sephardim[4] Chassidim[5], as well as almost all communities of Ashkenazi Jewry[6]] is to wear all one’s regular Shabbos clothing on Shabbos Chazon.]

Tablecloths and bed sheets: One may also use fresh white tablecloths in honor of Shabbos.[7] However, new sheets may not be spread on one’s bed.[8]

Paroches: The Paroches for Shabbos is placed in Shul as usual.[9] This is with exception to when Tisha B’av coincides with Shabbos and is differed to Sunday, in which case the Shabbos Paroches is not placed.[10] [However, the widespread custom is to place the Shabbos Paroches even at this time.[11]]

Shabbos clothing during a Bris:[12] When a Bris is taking place during the nine days it is accustomed that the father [and mother[13]] of the child, the Mohel and the Sandek [and grandparents[14]] to wear Shabbos clothing. [Furthermore, the custom is for also other close relatives to wear Shabbos clothing.[15]]


May one wear Shabbos clothing by a Pidyon Haben or Bar Mitzvah?[16]

Yes. The relatives and Baalei Hasimcha that normally wear Shabbos clothing by the event may do so by a Bar Mitzvah and Pidyon Haben.


May one wear new Shabbos clothing on Shabbos?[17]

No [unless he has no other clothing available at all].


May a Baal Bris wear new clothing?

No, as stated above.


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