Wearing Tefillin when saying Shema before Davening


Is one obligated to wear Tefillin when saying Shema in the morning before Davening?


No[1], and so is the custom of most Chassidim.[2] However some Chassidim are accustomed to don Tefillin and recite Shema before eating prior to Davening, and so the was the directive of the Rebbe Rashab and Rebbe Rayatz.[3] This is not the widespread Chabad custom.

[1] 58/4; However see 66/11; Torah Or Vayakhel


The reason: It is not considered false testimony to say the morning Shema prior to prayer, without Tefillin, as one will wear Tefillin later on. [Rebbe in Toras Menachem 28th Sivan 1952]


[2] Os Chaim 25/6; Rebbe in Toras Menachem 28th Sivan 1952


[3] Directive of Rebbe Rashab in Kuntrus Eitz Chaim 25; Igros Kodesh of Rebbe Rayatz letter 3302



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