Weddings on Purim

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Weddings on Purim [1]

Some Poskim[2] rule it is permitted to get married on Purim. This applies on both the 14th and 15th.[3] Other Poskim[4] however argue that it is forbidden to get married on Purim.[5] However this prohibition refers to the actual Chupa and not the meal, and accordingly one may get married on the 13th and have the meal on the night of the 14th.[6] [However some Poskim[7] rule that this prohibition applies to both the Chupa and the meal and hence one may not have the Chupa on the 13th and then eat the meal on that night, on the 14th.] Practically it is best to suspect for the stringent opinion and have the wedding before Purim. However in a time of need [such as if the wedding will have to be delayed for a long time[8]] one may rely on the lenient opinion and get married on Purim.[9] Nevertheless it is best to have the Purim Seuda take place prior to the Chupa [and have the wedding meal take place at night].[10]   



It is best not to arrange a wedding to take place on Purim. However in a time of need one may arrange the Chupa to take place on the 14th after the Purim Seuda and then have the meal later on that night. Likewise one may be lenient to have the Chupa take place on the 13th and the meal take place that night on the 14th.



Is a Chasan and Kallah to fast on Purim if it is the day of their wedding?

No. See Halacha 15!


In Jerusalem on which day are weddings to be avoided?[11]

On the 15th, which is the day Jerusalem celebrates Purim.


By Purim Meshulash on which day are weddings to be avoided?[12]

On Sunday. However on Thursday night, Friday, according to all one may have a wedding take place.


Does one need Panim Chadashos by Sheva Brachos on Purim?

Many Poskim[13] rule one does not need Panim Chadashos by Sheva Brachos of Purim. Others[14] rule one does require Panim Chadashos in order to say Sheva Brachos.


May an engagement party [Vart/Lechaim] take place on Purim?[15]

Yes. One can fulfill his Purim Seuda obligation with this meal if it is taking place during the day of Purim.


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The reason: As the law that prohibits purposely coinciding two celebrations only applies to Chol Hamoed and not to Purim. [Taz 696/4; M”B 696/28]

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