Wetting or oiling area before Bedika


If a woman’s vaginal area is dry, may she place water, oil or Vaseline in the area to help with the Bedika?[1]

Vaseline/oil: A woman should not enter Vaseline or oil into her vaginal area, or onto the cloth, prior to doing a Bedika.[2] Nevertheless, in a time of need, she can oil the vaginal area or enter Vaseline into it and perform the Bedika several hours later when the substance of the oil and Vaseline has already subsided.  

Water: If a woman has difficulty in performing a Bedika due to dryness, she may wet the Bedika cloth in water prior to performing the Bedika.[3] Initially, it should only be made slightly damp[4], although if necessary it may be completely soaked in water.[5]

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[2] The reason: As perhaps the oil or Vaseline will cover the blood and cause an ineffective Bedika. [ibid]

[3] Maharsham 1/146

[4] Shiurei Shevet Halevi ibid

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