When do the nine days begin?

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From when do the nine days begin; from sunset of Rosh Chodesh or nightfall?[1]

The mourning customs followed during the nine days are to be observed beginning from nightfall [i.e. Tzeis Kochavim].[2] Some however are accustomed to begin observing all the mourning customs starting from sunset.[3] However, if one Davened Maariv early, [starting from Plag Mincha[4]] then he must observe the mourning customs from that time and onwards.[5]


May one turn the washing machine on if it will continue into the night?

See Halacha 10!


List of customs that begin to apply during the nine days, as explained in this chapter:

  • Delaying a court case. [See Chapter 3 Halacha 2]
  • Not to buy or sell expensive items of Simcha. [See Chapter 3 Halacha 3]
  • Not to build or renovate for pleasure. [See Chapter 3 Halacha 5]
  • Not to plant for purposes of pleasure. [See Chapter 3 Halacha 6]
  • Not to eat meat or wine. [See Chapter 3 Halacha 8-9]
  • Not to launder clothing or wear freshly laundered clothing. [See Chapter 3 Halacha 10]
  • Not to purchase or wear any new clothing [See Chapter 3 Halacha 13]
  • Not to bathe or shower. [See Chapter 3 Halacha 15]


List of customs that only begin to apply during the week of Tisha B’av:

  • Cutting nails. [See Chapter 3 Halacha 16]



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